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Spring Programs Information


      The Glenview Stars 2019 Spring Program

The Glenview Stars/ Jr Stars Hockey Clubs are excited to announce our 28th Annual Spring Hockey Program -offering a quality hockey experience for every player!  Building on the success of past Spring programs, we will be enhancing the format to offer the following programs, which will run roughly from April 1 to- May 23, 2019:

The Elite Skills Enhancement Program (ESEP)  Program fee is $775 for all age levels

The ESEP is for Serious Travel Players Only and will meet twice a week (skills session and coach controlled 3v3) in order to maximize every players’ development, reinforce skills already acquired and learn new ones.  Players will be challenged to work beyond their comfort zone in a fun and challenging environment.  The sessions will include skill building, small area games and station work.  This program is for the dedicated hockey player that wants to play at the highest level.  Program expectations will include commitment, attendance, effort and attention.  In order to provide the best and most competitive environment, players will be evaluated and may be split into appropriate groups.  Participation in this program includes the Glacier Invitational Tournament and the opportunity to be selected to play in the Chicago Shootout Tournament. Our professional staff will be instructing all of the sessions and coaching the tournament teams.


  • Mites: Sylvain Turcotte, Cody Turcotte, Tony Wendel, Sandy Cooney, Rich Callaghan, Mike Weiss
  • Squirts: Sylvain Turcotte, Jim Philbin, Cody Turcotte,, Stan Stiopkin, Sandy Cooney, Mike DiMaggio
  • Peewees: Sylvain Turcotte, Alex Merkle, Nick Panos, John Harris, Brien Martin, Nick Gualano
  • Bantams: Arik Lebda, Paul Kokuzian, Steve Funteas, Norm Janis
  • Midgets: John Harris, Norm Janis (with enough interest)
  • Girls U10/U12: Nick Lavalle, Don Ridge, Don Cichanski
  • Girls U14/U16: Nick Lavalle, Don Ridge, Don Cichanski

Boys selected for the Chicago Shootout (5/3-5/5) & girls selected for the Minnesota Meltdown U12/U14(4/25-4/28) or the Chi-Town Shuffle U16(4/19-4/21) Tournaments will pay an additional $100.  One team at each age level will be selected for those tournaments, the Bantam AA team will attend the Krolak Cup instead (mid- April).  All ESEP participants will play in the Glacier Invitational (5/14-5/19) assuming they have the proper division.

First evaluation session will be held on:

  • Mites (2011-2013):                 Sunday 3/17, 8:45 am @ Glenview
  • Squirt (2009 – 2010):              Sunday 3/17, 9:55 am @ Glenview               
  • Peewee (2007 – 2008):           Sunday 3/17, 11:05 am @ Glenview
  • Bantam (2005 – 2006):           Sunday 3/17, 12:05 pm @ Glenview
  • Midget (2003 – 2004) :           Friday 3/22, 7:00 pm @ Glenview
  • Girls U10/U12:                        Thursday 3/14, 6:30 pm @ Glenview
  • Girls U14/16:                           Thursday 3/14, 7:40 pm @ Glenview


The North Shore Travel Development Program (NSYHL)   Program fee is $700 for all age levels

The NSYHL program will offer its participants 8 league games and 8-10 skills/practice sessions using a similar curriculum as our ESEP program.  Our coaching staff will be instructing at all on ice practice sessions and coaching all league games.  Skills/practice sessions will be up tempo and fun and will focus on developing all players to the best of their abilities.  We will have evaluations to place all players at an appropriate level.  The NSYHL spring program has 4 different levels, and depending on participation, we may field teams at the AA, A1, A2 and B levels to accommodate players of all abilities.  All house and travel players are welcome to participate.

Evaluations will be held at the Glenview Ice Center:

  • Mites (2011-2013):                 Monday 3/11, 4:50 pm & Tuesday 3/12, 6:25 pm
  • Squirt (2009 – 2010):              Monday 3/11, 6:00 pm & Wednesday 3/13, 6:25 pm                      
  • Peewee (2007 – 2008):           Monday 3/11, 7:10 pm & Tuesday 3/12, 7:35 pm
  • Bantam (2005 – 2006):           Monday 3/11, 8:20 pm & Wednesday 3/13, 7:35 pm 


The Girls Program            

U8 Weekly Skates

  • Offered through the Glenview Jr Stars.  Girls under 8 will skate together once a week to grow their skills while having fun with other like-minded hockey players.

U10, U12, U14 & U16

  • Girls will be participating in the ESEP as shown above 


The Mandatory Checking Clinic for players born in 2006  Program fee is $25

The checking clinic is mandatory for all players including goaltenders born in 2006 or first time bantam players participating in any of our spring programs.

The Clinic will be offered on the following dates:

  • Friday 3/8, 5:10-6:10 pm @ Mount Prospect
  • Saturday 3/9, 9:50-11:00 am @ Mount Prospect
  • Sunday 3/10, 9:20-10:20 am @ Mount Prospect  

The Goalie Program  Program fee is $200 for ESEP or NSYHL

Goaltenders must register with the ESEP or the NSYHL program and in addition will have a goalie clinic every week with Dean Opper throughout the spring season.  Sessions will be on Mondays.

Questions?  Please email Stars Hockey Director Sylvain Turcotte at

Hornets Youth Sled Hockey and Celebration of Hockey Day!

Join the Glenview Stars Girls teams and the Hornets Youth Sled Hockey teams for a Celebration of Hockey Day!

January 26, 2019 - Games begin at 10am and continue through the evening at the Niles IceLand Outdoor Facility.  There will be contests and auction items as well.

See the flyer below for additional details!

Congratulations Mite 3!! Northbrook MLK 2019 Tournament Blue Division Champs!

House Plus (HP) and Minor Mite Development Program (MMDP) 2018-19 Teams

Congratulations to all!

Schedules are now posted on the website

    House Plus Blue       House Plus White
    Coach: Rich Callaghan       Coach: Rich Callaghan
  Team First Name Last Name     Team First Name Last Name
1 HPB Caleb Alexander   1 HPW Henry Brown
2 HPB Vaughn Bayer   2 HPW Elijah Chao
3 HPB Charlie Bliss   3 HPW Claire  Cummings - G
4 HPB Grady Craddock - G   4 HPW Sean Donohue
5 HPB Octave Decroos   5 HPW Shae Gausselin
6 HPB Sam  Fagin   6 HPW Barrett Kline
7 HPB Luca Falleroni   7 HPW Colin Konicek
8 HPB Barrett Feezor   8 HPW Madeline Licudine
9 HPB Luca Francese   9 HPW Jack Locallo
10 HPB Samuel Gall   10 HPW Luca Martini
11 HPB Owen  Lawriw   11 HPW Wynn Mooney 
12 HPB Delilah Michels   12 HPW Tyler Shinsky
13 HPB Timmy Murphy   13 HPW Dylan Sorrow
14 HPB Max Saldana   14 HPW Cooper Thalmann - G
15 HPB Liam Wilke   15 HPW Mark Uskov
16 HPB Evan Woolson   16 HPW Ethan Yo
    MMDP Blue       MMDP White
    Coach: Brien Martin       Coach: Mike Weiss
  Team First Name Last Name     Team First Name Last Name
1 MMB Cyrus Cohen   1 MMW Blake Austen
2 MMB Flynn Craddock - G   2 MMW Kate Austen
3 MMB Feliks Gesing   3 MMW Lucas Bassler
4 MMB Brendan Healy   4 MMW Brooke Brymer
5 MMB William Lafferty   5 MMW Oliver Cohen
6 MMB Jennie Levy   6 MMW Claire  Cummings - G
7 MMB Ben Mercado   7 MMW Grayson Gausselin
8 MMB Evelyn  Noshay   8 MMW Christian Milito
9 MMB Kit  Radel   9 MMW Jackson Moore
10 MMB William Reid   10 MMW Colin O'Connor
11 MMB Anna Samaan   11 MMW Ethan Pape
12 MMB Mia Sit   12 MMW Matthew Rabin
13 MMB Calvin Suplemento   13 MMW Cooper Thalmann - G
14 MMB Ciaran  Wolfram    14 MMW Ben  Vorhies
          15 MMW Skyler Willits


Please contact hockey director, Sylvain Turcotte





Jr. Stars and Stars 2500 Club Contest

This summer, the Jr. Stars and Stars held a contest to see who could take 2500 shots during their off-season.  Participants kept track of their progress and turned in their results to Coach Sylvain.  We'd like to congratulate Mite 2 player, Chase Austen, for an impressive 3,490 shots taken - the most of anyone in the program!!  Glenview Stars Squirt player, Nathan Ognar, came in 2nd with 3,421 shots while Mite 3 goalie, Kostantino Bubaris, took 3rd with 3,226 shots!  Congratulations to all that participated!

Chase Austen
Kostantino Bubaris
Noah Cohen
Mark Duzhak
Luke Fagin
Will Fagin
Camryn Hanson
Cade Harazin
Tanner Harazin
Colin Herbolsheimer
William Jenny
Barrett Kline
Olivia Kumiega
Lucia Lavalle
Natalia Lavalle
Dylan Libel
Lucca Martini
Sam Mercado
Lucille Ness
Roger Niedermaier
Jake Novak
Connor O’Gara
Nathan Ognar
Anthony Pinto
Aidan Sheedy
Dylan Sorrow
Vincent Terekhin
William Vorhies
Alec Wise
Adam Wisniewski
Leonardo Zarzuela
Lorenzo Zarzuela
Luciano Zarzuela

Mite 1 Wins Early Bird Challenge!

Congratulations to Mite 1 - Early Bird 10 Gold Division Champs! Go Jr. Stars!!

Mite 1 Team Takes 1st in Detroit!

Mite 1 had an undefeated weekend and took home the Early Bird Challenge Championship in Detroit 9/21-9/23.  Congrats to Coach Sylvain, Coach Tony, Coach Cooney, and Coach O'Gara and the players!!  Go Jr. Stars!

2018-2019 Season Registration

Register and pay for the 2018-2019 season HERE!

2018-2019 Season Teams Announced!

Congratulations to this season's Jr. Stars players.  Please be sure to check the website calendar for your team schedule.

Mite 1     Mite 2     Mite 3  
Malone Cooney   Chase Austen   Kostantino Bubaris
Aristos Drivas   Jaquenline Botvinnik   Ian Burns
Tanner Harazin   Grayson Casler   Patrick Burns
Daniel Hong   Charlie Freund   Brooke Cless
Charles Jankey   William Jenny   Thomas Hartman
Casey Levy   Thomas McShane   Tyler Hudgins
Connor Murphy   Anthony Napolitano   Kane Kearney
Jake Novak   Lucille Ness   Dylan Kozak
Connor O'Gara   Emma Pape   Adam Lomer
Cayson Quinn   Colin Sheehy   Emmett McAuley
Connor Scanlon   Elliott Sims   Margot Miller
Alexander Schafer   Braden Smith   Margaret Ptak
Ethan Waldeck   William Vorhies   Grant Radel
Adam Wisniewski   Parker Waldeck   McKenzie Rogers
      Seth Weiss   Tyler Strykowski
            Maksymilian Tutaj

Contact Us Sylvain Turcotte, Hockey Director

Glenview Jr. Stars

Phone: 847-724-2800

Glenview Jr. Stars

The Glenview Jr. Stars (formerly called the Glenview Generals) is the name of the Glenview travel hockey mite program.  For information on Glenview's travel hockey program for squirts and above, please visit

Where do we skate?

The Glenview Jr. Stars skate at the following facilities:

Glenview Ice Center

Mt. Prospect Ice Arena

Jet Ice Training Arena

North Shore Ice Arena


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